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Welcome to our system advisor page.  Please select your components and hit the calculate button.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page.

*Note: The designation "TV" = full magnetic shielding 

Channel Speaker Selection Recommendations
left & right pr
Sierra-1: Our best monitor, from small to large rooms
CMT-340: Medium to very large rooms
CBM-170: Medium to large rooms
HTM-200: Limited space or small room
single speaker
Sierra-1: For a perfect timbre match to Sierra-1 fronts
CMT-340: Our most popular center
CBM-170: Suited for use in most installations
HTM-200: Ideal for use where space is limited
1st Surround pr
left & right pr
Sierra-1: Completes the total timbre matched system
CMT-340: Ideal for large room filling sound
CBM-170: Perfect for multi-channel audio
HTM-200: Space limited installations
2nd Surround pr
left & right pr
Selection should match your "surround" selection
Back center
single speaker
Selection should match your "surround" selection









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