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"I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they delivered some of the most attractive room curves I have ever measured... Better yet, over the critical midrange between 250 Hz and 2.5 kHz the variation was only +/-2 dB, which would be a remarkable achievement for even a considerably more expensive speaker."
-Howard Ferstler, The Sensible Sound

"The CBM-170’s midrange is bang-on, the highs are extended and clean, and the imaging is quite stunning. This isn’t the kind of speaker that glosses over, warms up, or romanticizes the sound. ...The CBM-170s sound extraordinarily natural and neutral." -Doug Schneider, SoundStage

Loudspeaker woofer A Commitment To Audio Accuracy

We firmly believe that the job of a loudspeaker is to present an accurate representation of the source material. Many loudspeakers claim to be "neutral" or "flat", but where are their measurements to back up these claims? Time and time again, by independent third-party professionals, our claims have been verified.

Technological Expertise and High Standards

Our custom built components (the heart and soul of our loudspeakers) are the results of advanced technology measurement equipment combined with decades of engineering expertise. Our products take years to develop and even if they sound great, if their measurements do not fall within our tight tolerances the product will not be released. We have scrapped many long term and expensive projects for just this reason.

CMT-340 Loudspeaker crossover

Hear It All

The end result of our commitment to our own standards is evident the very first time you listen to a set of Ascends. You will hear material hidden deep within recordings; the upper and lower harmonics of a guitar lick, subtle room reverberations of the original recording environment, the delicate breath of a wind instrument, and the true reproduction of the human voice. And let us not forget all the different and distinct sounds within a complex movie sound-track. Go ahead, we challenge you to find a line of loudspeakers with measurements as smooth and linear as our products, regardless of price!

If a picture is worth a thousand words... an acoustic measurement is worth a thousand notes.... Thank you and enjoy our hard work!