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"For a cost-effective speaker you cannot do much (if any) better than the $360 per-pair Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 systems." -Howard Ferstler
OUR MISSION...      
Our pledge at Ascend Acoustics is to create the highest quality and most affordable loudspeakers available today.  Ascend will bridge the gap between value brands and overpriced high-end brands.  We will bring, and continue to bring, the high-end audio experience previously not affordable to most consumers, into the homes of our loyal and future customers.

Our talented and dedicated staff of professionals will set a new standard of excellence in the industry for product and service:

  • We will maintain the extraordinary and lifelike sound quality of our products by continual research and refinement until they meet our strict standards.
  • We will continue to use only the finest proprietary components gathered from around the world, computer-optimized for real-world acoustic environments.
  • We are committed to become the standard bearer for service, product and responsibility to the consumer, rather than the retailer.
  • We will lead the industry by reinventing it.  Ascend's policy of disintermediation will make it possible for consumers to obtain the highest quality products at affordable prices without funding the profits of brick and mortar retail establishments, rep firms and salespeople.
  • We furthermore pledge to be receptive to your insights and respect the power you have as an electronics consumer to contribute to the development of new products and the refinement of existing ones.