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"Try to find a more accurate speaker for the money. This speaker is a music lover's dream and provides tremendous 2 channel music performance" -Joel White

"...The state of the art of budget loudspeakers" -Jeff Van Dyne


Here at Ascend, we pride ourselves on being a step above our competitors.  We believe our products, service, and distribution methods offer considerably more to consumers like yourself than any competing loudspeaker manufacturer.  Please read this page and see what we mean.

1. VALUE...

Simply put, Ascend products cost less to purchase than equivalent loudspeakers.  Because we sell direct, standard retail markup is not factored into the cost of the product.  This cost savings is put "into" the product and passed on to the consumer, enabling us to truly build better products and offer them for compelling prices.  Ascend products cost more to build yet sell for less than competing brands.


Because of the cost savings realized through direct sales, we are able to put more money into our products. This enables us to employ higher quality components than our retail competitors and gives us the ability to design our own proprietary parts when necessary.


Because you are buying direct from the manufacturer and not from a retailer, product support is handled by us, NOT by the retailer.  We are infinitely more knowledgeable about our products than a retailer.

Have a question or concern regarding your Ascend product?  Give us a call or send us an email and a qualified technical support associate will offer friendly, experienced and knowledgeable support.  If your questions or concerns are not resolved to your complete satisfaction, you will be referred to one of the actual designers or engineers of that product.  This is an industry first.

Most consumer electronics manufacturers turn their own customers needing support away, directing them to the retailer who sold them the product.  They will most likely end up talking with a salesperson.

Our service and support is legendary and we truly go out of our way for our customers.  Contact us and find out for yourself...


All Ascend products carry a thirty-day in-home trial period.  Audition our products in YOUR HOME, in YOUR ROOM, with YOUR EQUIPMENT!  If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, return it for a complete refund.  Please see our satisfaction guarantee for complete details.


We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer one of the longest warranties available -  a full five (5) year parts and labor warranty.


Another industry first- because we sell direct, we can closely monitor our production requirements enabling us to keep a very low finished goods inventory.

Chances are that the product you are receiving from us was assembled, broken in, and tested within one or two weeks of the day you placed your order. Other manufacturers will "stock up" on each product and ship the desired quantities to the retailer when requested.  These products may be warehoused at the manufacturer for a long period of time, only to be warehoused again when they eventually reach the retailer.

Purchase a product from a retailer and that product might have been built six months prior to your receiving it.  For a speaker, this means that the surround and spiders of the drivers have stiffened up since they were originally tested on the production line.  Tweeters can be especially sensitive to atmospheric changes such as barometric pressure and temperature changes.  Take your current speakers, store them in your garage for six months, and then listen to them.  Trust us when we tell you that they will sound dramatically different.

We try very hard to be sure you will receive your product within two weeks of the day it was built and broken in, not six months or more!


Our quality control procedures set a new standard in the industry.

All of our products are meticulously hand-assembled by skilled technicians.  Each speaker is then tested using our proprietary source material consisting of swept sine waves, single tone and dual tone impulses, steady-state sine waves, and pink noise.  This test is designed to simulate the most demanding music and soundtrack source material while at the same time provide speaker burn-in (heat and cool voice coils and loosen driver suspensions) and surface any hidden defects.

Upon successful completion of this stage, each speaker is then carefully measured using only the latest in computerized acoustic analysis technology.  We measure sensitivity, on- and off-axis frequency response, impulse response and impedance.

Each speaker's on-axis frequency response measurement is stored in our database by serial number.  This enables us to compare any speaker built in a particular production run to any other speaker built at any time, giving us the unique ability to keep our tolerances extremely tight, which in turn keeps our components' defined specifications from varying over time.  We can also look up the response of any of our customers' products giving us the ability to provide exceptional service, should the need arise.

As a final test, we listen to each and every speaker we build. Such thorough testing assures our customers they will be purchasing the highest quality product that will perform as advertised right out of the box, providing many years of enjoyable listening.

Most, if not all of our competitor's products are assembled on massive overseas assembly lines where efficiency is the primary goal.  These products are "batch tested" which means that a small percentage of randomly picked units are quality tested.  Statistical analysis tells us that you, the consumer, have a far greater chance of receiving a defective unit from a batch tested production run as compared to our rigid quality control measures.