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ASCEND ACOUSTICS... Now Celebrating 21 Years of Good Sound!
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Award-Winning Audiophile Quality Loudspeakers

Here at Ascend we specialize in one thing, manufacturing multi- award-winning high performance loudspeakers. Rather than manufacturing a jumble of different products, we focus all of our energy on a few truly remarkable, great sounding loudspeakers.

All of our loudspeakers are hand-assembled and tested in the USA and we are proud to say that we maintain the tightest performance tolerances in the industry today.

To keep our unique loudspeakers affordable, we sell them factory-direct to you, bypassing the markups inherent in the retail distribution chain.

This unique combination of premium componentry, performance, quality and affordability has led to our world-renowned reputation for unprecedented value. Simply put, if you are looking for performance and value we have few, if any, peers…

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Sierra-2EX Speaker

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arrow Our Sierra-1 have won a prestigious Enjoy The Blue Note Award.

arrow Sierra-2EX now on sale!

arrow SAVE $40 on our TP-24 pedestal stands when purchased together with a pair of Sierra-1/Sierra-2 or CMT-340 SE loudspeakers.

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